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14 Ways To Make Money Online With Your Website [2019 UPDATED]

I have took the liberty to compile 14 best ways to make money online. You may have decided on your career, but now you are wondering how people make money online either on Facebook or with Google. Today, we will show you how to make money online with your website to earn income worldwide.

Of course, you need a website to start. In general, this means that you have already determined how you want to become a digital nomad and that you have already created the conditions necessary to develop your online business.

If you’re not there yet, you can first explore the different ways to become a digital nomad. Once you have determined what is best for you, visit a website such as WordPress or Squarespace and create your blog or website. After completing these two steps, you can come back here and integrate these monetization strategies.

Have you already set up your website? Great! Digital nomadic businesses and online businesses make money in many ways. Here are some to help you make money with your website.

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3 Tips Before You Start Making Money Online

1. Build and Analyze Your Website Traffic

Before you make money on your website or blog, you must drive traffic and potential customers to your website. If no one is looking at your website, you have no chance of making money because nobody knows your content. The effectiveness of many of these monetization strategies depends on the amount and type of traffic your site receives.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tracking and analyzing your traffic. This is the industry standard for quantifying and analyzing your Internet traffic. Google Analytics provides statistics on the amount of time visitors spent on each page of the site, the total number of page views you received, and the search terms used by search engines to reach your page. This information is extremely useful when you want to create content for your audience and choose how to monetize your website.

2. Optimize your site for search engines

Known in the marketing industry as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization, this is the process of improving your content to maximize the visibility of your website in search engines such as Google and Bing. Typically, this is the best way to ensure that you use the correct HTML code when creating your website and identify keywords when creating content.

You need to research and determine which keywords in your industry generate the highest and least competitive traffic. Once you’ve identified these keywords, you can create content to increase the visibility of your website in your target market.

3. Create good content

As more people create websites and blogs, it becomes increasingly important to create useful and intelligent content. Users will not return to your site if they find it uninteresting or feel they lack information and knowledge. Focus on informative texts, create a solution, and solve common problems in your niche. Try creating eye-catching titles to catch the attention of readers and write interesting content.

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